Over the ait update hack for oneplus india

Problem Roll-out of OTA for OnePlus, generally comes to india after requirement and excitement dies. Solution It’s a Quick Hack Install Opera VPN App. Open App And connect to Canada(works always for me) Region.

Gemfile audits in rails

Problem Ruby, majorly well-known for rapid web-development via rails. there are number of rubygems coming everyday and un-countable versions of existing rubygems are released per day. these updates may have problems like outdated support,vulnerabilities, bugs or deprecated features (In general it doesn’t happen).

Bad to worse rails practice

Problem We used ruby gem paranoia to soft delete our active-records. which is super easy to integrate with a rails application. Our migrations consists such code to update all User/Project.

Dockerization a rails application with docker-compose

Docker-compose Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. use Docker Compose to set up and run a Rails app Define the project Create a Dockerfile for Rails app

Object-based searching rails Active-Record

Problem We have listing of all Users and other data list at our admin panels per application. A basic Search functionality was required with less efforts and adjustable quickly.

Rack::Utils Basic information

Problem Every HTTP statuses code are available in form of symbol in Rails in a slightly more readable form. You may heard few of them like {% highlight ruby %} :ok :not_modified {% endhighlight %}

passenger 5.0.26 with nginx deployment fix

We’re using passenger and nginx combo for our Rails application at production environment. After upgrading passenger to 5.0.26, We’re seeing errors from passenger about building the native support so file.

using twitter-bootstrap via rails engine.

And if you get stuck… Ask Here We’re developing a Rails engine Message Broker which will do some awesome things.

Mysql2 Error Lost connection to MySQL server during query Rails Application

And if you get stuck… Ask Here In our Rails Application we faced several exception(s) saying

Ordering Rack Middleware Rails Application

Rack middleware is a simply bigger thing then rails. It’s look-alike rack application that you can use to filter, process, or otherwise mess with responses.There is middleware like warden - devise, to work on catch and log exceptions, deal with cookies, SSO, and pretty much anything else you can think of.