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summary conclusion 2016

27 Dec 2016

2016 is Over.


Here is what great things happened :-

  • January Mother’s recovery from critical stroke

  • March Became Father(enough for the year).

  • April Patna Visit (Nirupma’s wedding)

  • May appraisal (with no Money)

  • June Jaipur Visit (Sunit’s wedding)

  • October Her Birthday (savage.) and diwali

  • December wedding anniversary, Christmas

Things to be fixed/Improved

Here is what not so great things happened, should not be repeated. This could be considered as mistakes but being diplomatic these are experiences.

  • Overthinking in every case/topic (It’s killing seriously).

  • Being very approachable isn’t good thing.


Day one is sunday :D.


  • Be less approachable
  • Learn Swimming
  • Learn Programming in Ruby (again)
  • Learn DBMS Mysql from scratch
  • 911 Carrera S
  • Product launch (2 minimum)
And if you get stuck… Go Home. It will help you to change world.

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