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Prawn ruby marking stamp at page center

04 Jun 2016

Problem - Prawn

We have to put a default text on every page center if we’re not able to insert image at it’s bounding box.

Sample Usage

define a stamp :-

prawn_pdf.create_stamp("stamp") {
prawn_page.fill_color '#4a8bc2'
prawn_page.text_box '[Image not available.]',
:width  => bounds.width,
:height => bounds.height,
:align  => :center,
:valign => :center,
:at     => [0, bounds.height],
:rotate => 45,
:rotate_around => :center

mark stamp at any page by just calling it by name :-


Things to take care

  • stamp name should be unique.
  • should be take care of stamp dimension and its content.
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