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Prawn ruby link annotation

18 Jun 2016

Problem - Prawn

In Prawn pdf we need to put links on the Image text and fortunatley we’re keeping required co-ordinates with objects. We tried to put Text link with anchor on text available inside image but that wasn’t cool because our images can rotate


Instead of marking text link above image text, we tried to put link annotation.

Link annotation by Prawn are :

A convenience method for creating Link annotations. rect must be an array of four numbers, describing the bounds of the annotation. The options hash should include either :Dest (describing the target destination, usually as a string that has been recorded in the document’s Dests tree), or :A (describing an action to perform on clicking the link), or :PA (for describing a URL to link to).

Link annotation by Code - Sample:

prawn_pdf = Prawn::Document.new(skip_page_creation: true)
link_coordinates = [:left, :top, :right, :bottom] # a.k.a coordinates
prawn_pdf.link_annotation(link_coordinates, :Dest => "target destination")
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