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managing node versions with n

30 Jun 2017

Node version management with n

Node version management with nvm is great yet there is one new tool comes up which is n. Currently n supports only linux and Osx not available for windows.


already have node
$ npm install -g n
git clone git@github.com:tj/n.git
cd n
make install
curl -L https://git.io/n-install | bash


Installing Versions

For installing version 0.8.14

$ n 0.8.14 
Activating Versions

Execute n on its own to view your currently installed versions. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate and press enter or the right arrow key to select.

$ n

ο 0.8.17
Removing Versions

Remove some versions:

$ n rm 0.9.4 v0.10.0
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