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ionic appCache HTML5

05 Sep 2015

Recently I worked on IonicApp, AppCache @ HTML5 and thought it to update application assets in cache without updating app to Stores.


  • Deploy an Ionic App to Heroku Refer last blog
  • Ionic app that display webView of server√

update config.xml

update html tag on serving/Remote App
<html manifest="remote.appcache">
Setup manifest to remote, carefully list files
# v2.9.901


 # nothing yet

 # nothing yet

considered Server address is http://appcacheionic.herokuapp.com, do following changes to your Ionic App

at config.xml
  <content src="https://appcacheionic.herokuapp.com"/>
at index.html
      function onBodyLoad()
        document.addEventListener("deviceready", function(){
          //one of these ip-addresses is normally used to address the host machine when using genymotion
          location.href = "https://appcacheionic.herokuapp.com/";
        }, false);

Do changes to application assets, kill application at simulator/device. Be careful on updating app, Cache Limits

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