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fastlane tools family introduction snapshot

17 Oct 2015

fastlane-Snapshot lets you Automate taking localized screenshots of your iOS app on every device.

Problem: You have an iPhone app. You support 20 languages. You updated the design. You want to release the update to the App Store. What’s missing?

Solution: You have to manually create 20 (languages) x 5 (devices) x 5 (screenshots) = 500 screenshots.

Or Use fastlane famliy tool snapshot

fastlane features

  • Create hundreds of screenshots in multiple languages on all simulators
  • Configure it once, store the configuration in git
  • Do something else, while the computer takes the screenshots for you
  • Integrates with fastlane and deliver
  • Generates a beautiful web page, which shows all screenshots on all devices. This is perfect to send to Q&A or the marketing team
  • snapshot automatically waits for network requests to be finished before taking a screenshot (we don’t want loading images in the App Store screenshots)
  • Support for advanced configuration, like preprocess macros or prefilling of data
  • 100% open source unlike Apple

After snapshot successfully created new screenshots, it will generate a beautiful html file to get a quick overview of all screens:

Start snapshot

  • cd [your_project_folder]
  • snapshot

Your screenshots will be stored in ./screenshots/ by default.

From now on, you can run snapshot to create new screenshots of your app.

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