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Observer in Rails

13 Feb 2016

Rails observer

Rails::Observers was introdused in Rails 3. They’re another abstracted way to watch/tarck an object life-cycle events while watching you may trigger some/any other event.

It’s a nice to have structure/solution(not recommanded) for fatty models. Observer reduce the clutter that normally comes when the model class is Over-burdened with functionality.

class OrderObserver < ActiveRecord::Observer
  def after_create(order)
    OrderMailer.confirm("example@domain.com", "Your Order has been confirmed.", order).deliver

This Order Observer sends an email when a Order#create is done.

class OrderObserver < ActiveRecord::Observer
  def after_create(order)
    order.logger.info('New order added!')

  def after_destroy(order)
    order.logger.warn("Order with an id of #{order.id} was destroyed!")

This Observer uses logger to log when specific callbacks as given order created/destroyed are triggered.

Available callback methods

The observer(s) can implement callback methods for each of the methods described in the Rails Callbacks module.

Rails 4

Observers are removed from rails core from Rails4. In Rails 4 it’s an seperate gem

To be continued note …

I am digging more into Rails::Observers. I’ll cover much more things in upcoming blog series related to Rails::Observers with an implementation of Publish–subscribe pattern

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