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Install Android, Cordova, and Ionic Framework in Ubuntu

02 Mar 2015


  • Java JDK
  • Apache Ant
  • Android SDK
  • NodeJS / NPM
  • Apache Cordova
  • Ionic Framework


* Download a shell script by clicking on this link 
** https://github.com/nraboy/ubuntu-ionic-installer/archive/master.zip  
* Extract and goto extracted folder.
* chmod 775 ubuntu_ionic_installer.sh 
* sudo ./ubuntu_ionic_installer.sh
* To download the necessary Android targets and platform tools you will need to enter `android` from a command prompt to launch the Android UI. You will need `Android API 19` for Ionic Framework, so install that when you’re able to.
* ionic start ExampleProject maps
* cd ExampleProject
* ionic platform add android
* ionic build android
* That's It.
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