Gemfile audits in rails


Ruby, majorly well-known for rapid web-development via rails. there are number of rubygems coming everyday and un-countable versions of existing rubygems are released per day. these updates may have problems like outdated support,vulnerabilities, bugs or deprecated features (In general it doesn’t happen).This may end-up project or major downtime.


A very useful tool is built into bundler: bundle outdated. You can see lists installed gems with newer versions available. Running bundle outdated looks like this:

    % bundle outdated
    Fetching gem metadata from
    Fetching version metadata from
    Fetching dependency metadata from
    Resolving dependencies....

    Outdated gems included in the bundle:
      * gemname (newest 0.11.1, installed 0.9.0) in group "production"

There are two more gems, those help a-lot and must try those are

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