Software development toolkit 2019

Here is the following list of tools and utilities, I’m using for application(s) development in 2019: List Duck - For Search (skip Google) Opera - Web Browser (With VPN mode enabled)(It’s really awesome) RubyMine (we’ve licence :D) Ubuntu 16.

Downgrade Mysql to 5.6 from 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04(xenial)

Ubuntu 16.04 only provides packages for MySql 5.7(by default) which has a range of backwards compatibility issues with code written against older MySql versions. for Rails specific see this

managing node versions with n

Node version management with n Node version management with nvm is great yet there is one new tool comes up which is n. Currently n supports only linux and Osx not available for windows.

install PhoneGap pushPlugin 2.0.0 on ubuntu/Osx

Problem We’re using phonegap-plugin-push to Register and receive push notifications to ionic applications and unfortunately that’s get updated. Version 2.0.0, this plugin will support CocoaPods installation of the Firebase Cloud Messaging library.

AWS cloudformation with AutoScalingGroup and LaunchConfiguration

Problem We’re currently looking into such an option to run multiple number of ec2 instances into already running environment(VPC) with launch configurations too. Solution Amazon web services - Cloudformation - AutoScaling CloudFormation is one of the coolest services from AWS at no additional charge.

Over the ait update hack for oneplus india

Problem Roll-out of OTA for OnePlus, generally comes to india after requirement and excitement dies. Solution It’s a Quick Hack Install Opera VPN App. Open App And connect to Canada(works always for me) Region.

tempfile generation issue from user generated filename in ruby/OS

Problem We used a super simple code in ruby to generate tempfiles with dynamic filename. temp_file =[title, '.pdf']) where title is a variable value (Input taken from user).

Gemfile audits in rails

Problem Ruby, majorly well-known for rapid web-development via rails. there are number of rubygems coming everyday and un-countable versions of existing rubygems are released per day. these updates may have problems like outdated support,vulnerabilities, bugs or deprecated features (In general it doesn’t happen).

Bad to worse rails practice

Problem We used ruby gem paranoia to soft delete our active-records. which is super easy to integrate with a rails application. Our migrations consists such code to update all User/Project.

namecheap ssl cert authority invalid fix

Happy New Year Last year we deployed our rails application over nginx with ssl certificates obtained from namecheap. everything ewas working fine but over Android moblie we found a bug as in image below