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Ruby on Rails/iphone/Android web Application Developer – Programmer / Developer

I am an academic, author and consultant,and much more… .Just kidding :) currently working as Ruby On Rails web developer from India , where I am a student/Googler/learner of software engineering. I’m interested in research in complex, dependable systems and I teach courses in systems engineering and socio-technical systems. During my main course of masters of computers applications. I never learned C,C++,Java,and all other course subjects. Interesting subject was None but I used to explore Start-Ups and try to learn some new things. After completion of my masters of computers applications course I came in interaction with Mr.Nitin Goel .He had given me a reason to work for my passion,a new life, A new way of coding in ruby and ruby on rails.It was awesome….working with ruby on rails is true enjoy of being a software engineer… I am currently investing my time and efforts in Rails3, MongoDb, Rspec,Jquery, Product Management skills.

Tools i am using for application development

  • Ubuntu
  • Ruby on rails
  • Ruby
  • Mysql
  • Heroku
  • Mongodb
  • Git
  • Cucumber
  • Rspec
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax => “Open Source”.

1 Note : currently I am not available for any kind of work Part-Time,Full-Time. yet I can help you On idea for the open source community if i can. feel free to drop an email rajeevsharma86@gmail.com

Cheers :)